Hi! Everybody! Our group building tweet is coming!

Hi! Everybody! Our group building tweet is coming!

Members of the Emanyuen family travel together to Xunliao Bay in Huizhou. Started a two-day team building activity!

The best way of life is to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people.

Looking back, they had achieved along the way.

Looking down, they have walked with firm steps.

Looking up, they have been targeting to the same aims.

The people of Emanyuen are just such a group of people, who grow together, work hard and be beautiful.


In summer, let's go to the Beach nearby. Beneath our feet is the soft, delicate sand. In front of us is the blue sea from light to deep. Sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce waves. The endless sea and sky.

It's really rare to get a moment of leisure in this tumultuous world.

This time we set out to the sea

Forget all worries and listen to the sound of the waves.

Started a team building activity to listen to the wavesand feel life.

Beach, sea, BBQ, gathered seafood on the beach.

Let's get it!


Next, let's review the wonderful moments of team building together!

The breeze across the sea cicadas and waves sing together


Laughing on the beach


Walking on the golden sand beach


Leave footprints of different shades


Everyone's smiling face is dazzling under the sun


Brilliant seascape at a glance


The waves rolled up and down

Feel the passion of the sea


Many people experience the joy of beach comber for the first time


Fun Activities on the Beach

In order to improve the cohesion of the team and cultivate the team spirit, we arranged an exciting fun sports meeting. There were not only wonderful match, but also one after another running and chasing on the beach~

With the unique gentle sea breeze, opened a relaxed and comfortable beach BBQ

The guys are sitting around the barbecue, roasting a variety of food.

Blue sea and blue sky

Golden sand and white waves

We listened to the waves crashing on the bank

Feel the depth and passion of the sea


Let's be wind chasers!


“Campfire party” The Campfire barbecue party, the cheerful and harmonious atmosphere runs through the whole party.

“CS Field shooting” CS field shooting, life has a moment, when the gun combat, encounter the enemy and teammates, beautiful unexpected encounter.

CS field shooting photograph

news_img_1 news_img_1

Live here, be happy here, spare pieces of life, keep love and romance, the team does not care about the key point, but care about the people and things on the way, and those beautiful memories and scenery, expedition stars and sea, to be continued...


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